Is Hims ED Legit?

The Ref pulled a flag on how “legit” is Hims. On the positive, Hims is a “legit” online pharmacy that actually exists. However, Hims ED Order Review complaints are emerging. These latest Hims ED Order Reviews include:”I still never received my order. and Very Shaddy website – they will attempt to triple your order.” Another common complaint regards Hims Doctor Reviews:Can’t answer general questions correctly and NEVER responded in a timely manner. ‘Doctor’ was inconsiderate and dismissive.“Doctors don’t reach out at all in response to questions.” The Hims ED pills themselves are simply “no label” “off the shelf” Viagra. Hims ED has the exact same safety side effects risk as Sildenafil. Hims vs Roman seems to have similar problems, here is our Is Roman ED Real Review.